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Best Christmas Gifts For People Who Travel.

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

If you struggle with gift-giving, you're not alone. But don't worry; we've got you covered. Our readers have submitted their top ideas for what gifts to give that are thoughtful, useful and budget-friendly.

Please know that we are NOT SPONSORED TO PROMOTE any specific item of service.

From wellness and comfort items to stylish accessories, these gifts will be helpful whether your loved one is exploring abroad or unwinding at home; with these gifts, you will be sure to make them the happiest globetrotter!

1- Tracking Devices - Apple Air Tag, Tile or others.

With all the airport issues lately, lost luggage has become a common issue for travellers. Fortunately, tracking devices have made it easy to locate your bags during your travels, and as a bonus, they can be used throughout the year for other things like finding keys! With these trackers, if there is an issue with your luggage, you can take screenshots of the exact location of your suitcase and end the performance when the airport tries to hand you the song and dance regarding lost luggage.

2- Phone Grip and Expandable Stands.

Find the perfect phone case for them to enjoy their favourite videos and online content on the go! Look for a sleek, stylish design with a built-in stand or universal grip that lets users switch between landscape or portrait mode - ideal for propping your phone up on the airplane or snapping that perfect shot on the beach without having to strain your selfie arm.

3- Scarves.

Women who travel will always look for a stylish and versatile scarf - the perfect companion for any destination. It provides extra warmth on chilly flights and functions as an ideal fashion statement when paired with eveningwear. It offers additional coverage in culturally sensitive areas while still feeling light and soft against the skin due to its materials like silk or cotton! Look for longer styles and light, breathable fabrics.

4- Packable Travel Hats.

Seek a hat that can keep up with the adventures. A good, packable hat should include all the optimal features: wide-brim protection for the face and neck, breathable ventilation to ensure comfort in any climate, and easy cleaning for effortless maintenance. It's ideal for kayakers, hikers or anyone who spends time outdoors; a fantastic gift guaranteed to be appreciated by even the most experienced adventurers.

5- A Good Tripod.

Capture breathtakingly beautiful shots of the night sky, or take it all in when travelling solo - investing in a tripod can transform your photography and make every selfie exceptional. Look for a lightweight tripod that enables you to mount it wherever desired!

6- A Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

Give the movie-lover or music enthusiast in your life a gift to keep their entertainment going, no matter where they're headed. The Waterproof Portable Speaker is perfect for those who want to ensure their tunes are always accompanying them: it's small enough not to be an encumbrance and rugged enough - waterproof and dustproof - so there won't be any issues! Some of them have excellent sound quality that packs quite the punch and can turn any room into a dance party.

7- Noise Cancelling Earphones.

Noise-cancelling headphones are your ticket to serene travels! Through a sound wave that is out of phase with the ambient noise, These special headphones effectively erase whatever competitive noises there may be - from crying babies on planes and other travel nuisances. Noise Cancelling headphones can be the perfect gift.

Don't be alarmed; you can find decent headphones for every budget. A reader reports they bought their NC-Headphones on Amazon for under $30. If you're looking for a bargain, read the descriptions and reviews, some off brands have impressed many people.

8- A Travel Item Basket.

By basket, we mean a foldable beach bag or packable backpack, and by travel items, we mean things like :

Tide travel laundry packs

Life Straw Water filter

Expandable/fold-up water bottle

Travel pillow


Creams, sunscreens, cosmetics,

Tissue packs

Disinfection wipes.

9- Air Fly Bluetooth Adapter.

Air Fly gives you a world of wireless freedom! Transform any device, from gaming consoles to car stereos and speakers, into Bluetooth-enabled machines. Enjoy the free in-flight media on the plane and get ready for an incredible experience as soon as takeoff begins, all without having to buy the overpriced crappy earphones the airlines sell.

10- Lounge Pass For Airports.

Surprise your frequent flier with a luxurious airport experience - no first-class ticket required! Priority Pass lets them access luxurious VIP lounges in over 1,300 airports worldwide for just under $100/year. Make their next flight delightful from takeoff to touchdown and beyond.

Check out Priority pass here -

11- Wireless Alarm Door Stop.

Give the gift of security. Your loved one will be prepared and secure wherever they go with a simple and portable security door stop alarm. This item is exactly as it sounds, a door stop that you jam under your hotel door to stop anyone from opening it, and an alarm to scare them away. This little self-contained system requires just one nine-volt battery for simple installation.

No matter what budget you're working with this holiday season, we hope these ideas inspire you to get creative and find the perfect gifts for all the special people in your life.

Whats your favourite travel gift? Tell us in the comments, and we will try to include them in our next blog!

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