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We Have Found a Hidden All Inclusive Vacation Gem…And We Are Sharing It With You!

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Our guest blogger Jamie Demille has just returned from a week in the sand, and his expectations were not only met but exceeded.

Angsana Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba.... Yes Cuba! Contrary to what you may have heard, this resort had no food or supply shortages. The weather was warm, the room comfortable and the drinks plentiful.

We asked Mr. Demille to break down his experience for our readers and he has done just that.


We were the only plane at the airport, through security and had our bags within 30 minutes. The 90 minute drive to the resort had a great guide and a comfortable bus and the time flew by. Don’t let the 90 minutes deter you from coming here, it really was a non issue. When we got to Angsana they had everyone’s rooms ready and just waited for our turn, the golf cart grabbed our bags and drove us to our rooms. Very easy arrival, no issues at all.


Very clean rooms, arrived with beach towels in our room crafted into a towel animal that changed daily and a handwritten note welcoming us to the resort and thought that was a nice touch. Mini bar with a couple of small bottles of water and beer that was replenished daily. Maid did a really great job cleaning everyday and several times over our stay we found that she had left hand written notes wishing us a great day.

There were a few days where there was low water pressure in the room but no real issue with water temperature. We later discovered that the water problem was resort wide and had an apology letter in our room saying they were working on the problem, once fixed, never a problem again.

Beach and pool:

Both great depending on what you like. Had no issues finding a spot at either, whether you wanted sun or shade. At the pool you were quickly asked if you like a pillow, and at the beach the attendant would get you chairs, find you a great spot and expertly attach your towels to the chairs. There are 2 beaches here, one at each end of the resort, one very large and one more private, both with bars.


Unlike what we have experienced in other resorts in Cuba, the buffets were stocked with great soups with good variety. Omelets, eggs, pancakes made to order everyday for breakfast. Very good selection of cheeses, and varied salad bar daily. Lunch and supper they had made to order fish and meats. Food in the warming trays would be a bit cool later in the meals, but made to order foods were always delicious.

The Gourmet restaurant had 3 menus that rotated ( Cuban, Italian, international) and required reservations. The Cuban was more of a set menu while the other two had quite a variety of options. The Gourmet restaurant was really a step up from the buffet and shouldn’t be missed. The large beach had a snack hut open daily and served burgers, hotdogs, and chicken skewers. We ate there for a couple of days and were impressed, it was made to order and when ready they would bring it to your chairs.


Waiter service at the beach and pool. Never waited more than a few minutes before being offered a drink. The lobby bar had some of the best service I’ve ever had, they would see and remember what you were drinking, and based on that, would make suggestions of other options you may enjoy. Drinks were as strong or weak as you wanted, and were delicious with lots of options.


I can’t say enough about how helpful and friendly everyone here is. I could list names but it would be a long list and I’d forget someone, they really are an amazing group. They all have unique personalities, some just efficient, others with a great sense of humour, but all friendly.

If all the previous sections of this review were below average I’d still return here because of the people, they are that amazing.

Resident Travel Agent Julie Bassett (IG@bookwithbassett2022 or FB Book With Bassett ) has reviewed the prices and tells us that there are amazing prices for this outstanding resort right now!

Remember, There is no extra cost to you to use a travel agent!



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