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Why You Should Travel Out Of Your Comfort Zone.

What Is Travel?

What does it mean ‘to travel’? Is it simply getting on a plane and going somewhere different from where you live? Is it letting someone else cook and clean while you lounge on a beach, mai tai in hand? Is it exploring attractions that are in your own backyard? Is it immersing yourself in something new, in a different language, and feeling a little bit scared?

Alison Ebbs - Portugal Is travel supposed to be comfortable or take you out of your comfort zone? As a traveller, I know what my travel style is. As a Travel Consultant, it’s part of my job to help you find yours. Part of my role is to offer all options and to help guide you into the best travel experience possible.

Alison Ebbs - Ellesmere Island, Nunavut I saw a Facebook post recently by a travel colleague who stated – with 100% certainty – that they would never visit Cuba. They have never been and will never go. They are travellers who want luxury, amazing food, and to be pampered the whole time. I don’t blame them one bit; with the stress of everyday life, a week away where you don’t have to think sounds like bliss. A hot beach, cold drinks, crisp linens, and a relaxed atmosphere sounds like the perfect getaway. Still, I felt sorry for them, and here’s why: because of what they’ve heard, they will never experience this beautiful country nor the warmth of its people. Worse, they will never encourage others to experience it for themselves. They will never be immersed in a country that is incredible and challenging, stunning and heartbreaking. Visiting a country like Cuba and feeling the energy of the place helped me realize that I only wanted to see more.

Alison Ebbs - Guatemala My colleague travels to be comfortable, not to get out of their comfort zone. So I have to wonder, how much are they missing out on? And more importantly, how much are their clients missing out on as a result? My belief is that Travel Consultants have a responsibility to encourage travel, no matter what it looks like. I believe that travel – in whatever form - should be a learning experience…something that gives you memories, helps you grow and becomes a great story for your next cocktail party. I am an advocate of using travel as education and using it to reflect on our own situations. In doing so, we recognize that we are not perfect. We are not the best, and we can always be better.

Alison Ebbs - Morocco Getting out of my comfort zone through travel has made me a better global citizen. It’s given me a perspective I could never have gained if I had stayed home, and this is what I encourage all of my clients to do, no matter their preferred type of travel. Whether you’re backpacking with a group or going to an all-inclusive, get out and about. Take a tour, rent a car, eat the food, and meet the people that make your destination tick. It’s in these small moments where the best memories are made, the most interesting people become friends, and the strongest confidence is built. It’s where we become better versions of ourselves. Want to try but not sure how? Start small…make a list of the destinations you want to see and why you want to see them. What kind of travel excites you, and what type of traveller do you want to be? Then find a Travel Consultant who is excited to help you figure it out. If you can do this, you’re already tiptoeing into new and unfamiliar territory. It’s as simple as that…and if you do it often enough, the idea of travelling out of your comfort zone can become very, very comfortable.

Alison Ebbs - Travel Consultant (B.C & ON ) Alison Ebbs The Travel Agent Next Door TICO Registered in BC and Ontario I'm a firm believer that traveling offers the best education possible. I'm a travel consultant who has explored many parts of the globe and I thrive on helping my clients get the most out of their travel experiences. Facebook : Alison Ebbs - Travel Consultant Instagram: @Alison.ebbs



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